SET has the hydroblasting capabilities to safely and efficiently remove fouling and deposits that routinely build up in a variety of industrial process equipment to include exterior cleaning, removal of latex, phosphates, resins, coke, black liquor, water scale, mastics, sludges, cement and other materials; the cleaning of heat exchanger and boiler tubes, towers, vessels and tanks; pipe lines, drains and sewers; coatings removal; and cutting steel, concrete and plastics.

Our services have been utilized in paper mills, chemical plants, plastics plants, petroleum refineries, automotive plants, power plants, and in specialty construction and environmental projects.

Our Hydroblasting Capabilities Include :

  • 10,000 psi units with flow capacities up to 120 gpm
  • 20,000 psi units with flow capacities up to 34 gpm
  • Surface and Tube Cleaning capabilities up to 10,000 psi and 20,000 psi
  • Cold Cutting Steel Plate
  • 3-D Tank Cleaning Heads
  • Multi Gun capabilities for optimal use of units

* Fully trained and qualified operators for a multitude of tasks.