SET is committed to maintaining a safe, healthful and efficient working environment for all its employees. The presence of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and the influence of those substances on employees during working hours, pose serious risks to the safety and health of both the user and to other employees, customers, or the public who may come in contact with the drug or alcohol impaired employee. Drug and/or alcohol induced impairment threatens not only everyone’s safety and their ability to efficiently perform their duties, but also adversely impacts on the success of the company. Accordingly, all employees are expected to be physically and mentally prepared at all times while in the workplace or on work time. This is a fundamental condition of employment which lies at the core of each employees’ responsibility to the Company and his fellow employees.

SET need not and will not accept any risk to safety, quality or productivity that may be caused by drug and/or alcohol use by employees. Because any measurable amount of such substances is capable of impairing the user to some degree, even if the impairment is not readily apparent to the untrained eye, it is the Company’s policy to achieve a totally “drug and alcohol free” workplace.

Employees are subject to the following drug and/or alcohol testing requirements while employed;

  • Pre-employment
  • Random
  • DOT
  • Post Accident/Property Damage
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • At Will