SET Industrial Services, Inc. is an integrated provider of Industrial Cleaning and related Facilities Support services. SET is dedicated to building long term client relationships founded on trust, integrity, hard work and a dedication to provide value to our customers through increased operating efficiencies, reduced downtime and improved safety environments.

SET Industrial possesses the capabilities to clean your most stubborn industrial process equipment. SET puts modern technology to work for a variety of industrial facilities to include; paper mills, aluminum plants, chemical plants, petroleum refineries, grain elevators and feed mills, plastics plants, power generating plants, transportation facilities, and many other facilities that require experience and professional know how.

Our services include Wet and Dry Vacuum Services, Hydroblasting, Pipe Cleaning, Hot Water Pressure Cleaning and Tank Cleaning.

But don’t limit our capabilities. One of our strongest assets includes our ability to take on difficult and unusual projects and complete them safely on time, within budget and according to your specific needs.


  • To give peace of mind to our customers by providing operational continuity and efficiency of process equipment through scheduled and emergency industrial services.
  • We do this with a detailed attention to safety, quality, efficiency and timeliness by and through our character, integrity, maturity and an ethical obligation to provide the best service possible and a moral obligation to provide the best value for our customers.
  • To make our customers life/job a little easier.


  • Professionalism and Excellence in everything we do.
  • To treat each job, regardless of size as if it is our only job.
  • To provide peace of mind to our customers.


  • Our values are hard work, trust, honesty, ethical and moral character, a sense of personal responsibility and a commitment to each other.


  • 100% Responsible / 0 Excuses
  • Management at SET is committed to operate under the highest standards available and are committed to holding itself and its employees accountable to these standards and our 100/0 policy.
  • Our employees are 100% Responsible with 0 Excuses in three main areas:
    – Safety
    – Quality
    – Character


It is the policy of SET Industrial Services, Inc. that active, continuing and effective accident prevention and safety programs are designed and implemented to ensure the safety, health and security of employees, customers and the community while protecting the environment.

Our safety and environmental commitment is a continually developing process that requires management to closely monitor and make necessary adjustments and changes as needed. SET is proactive in our efforts to ensure the safety and welfare of everyone concerned.

SET’s management expects all work to be done safely. This means that all employees must think and act safely. No job is so important or the urgency of time so great that it cannot be done in a safe manner. This culture of safety is the product of individual and group values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies and patterns of behavior that determine the commitment to and the style and proficiency of SET’s EH&S Program.

Responsibility and Accountability

As part of our 100% Responsible / 0 Excuses Policy employees are held accountable and responsible for their actions. SET’s management philosophy is “employees who violate safety rules create hazards for themselves and others”. Violators of our safety rules and guidelines will be subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including discharge.

For any company’s safety efforts to be effective all employees must become involved in those efforts and each employee must be committed to working safely. Management has and accepts overall responsibility for safety and implementation of the safety efforts for the company. Employees have and must accept their responsibility to work safely, comply with safety rules and assist fellow employees in their safety efforts. Through these efforts we can accomplish our goal and provide for a safe and productive workplace for our employees.

Management at SET is committed to operate under the highest safety standards available and committed to holding itself and its employees accountable to these standards.


Our industry/company specific safety training exceeds the requirements of all Federal and State regulatory agencies. Training at SET is a key element in development of our safey culture. In addition, it is a core component in management’s ongoing efforts to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees.

Our Safety Director possesses a B.S. Degree in Safety and Health from an accredited university and is an OSHA 10/30 hour, First Aid and CPR certified instructor.

SET goes to great lengths to ensure our employees receive the training and instruction to safely perform their work. Our training program consists of both classroom and hands on training on our safety programs and equipment operation. Persons completing our training receive an OSHA 10 hour card, First Aid, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and Blood Borne Pathogens training certification. Employees also receive training in API Safe Tank Cleaning, Water Jet Technology Association (WJTA) “Safe Vacuum Truck Operation” and “Safe Waterblasting Operation” as well as the 40 hour Hazwoper training. Employees also undergo background checks for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card and the e-Railsafe System credentials card.